Online Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic for the Prevention & Recovery of Cardiovascular Disease.


For people that live in rural or remote areas that don't have access to urban cardiac support facilities.

Delivered by qualified cardiac health professionals

How Can Pulse Cardiac Health Help You?

Gain Knowledge

Learn and understand about tests, procedures and risk factors so you can be more informed when talking to your doctor about your health.

Cardiac Professional Support

Created and delivered by registered, working cardiac professionals.

Take Control of Your Health

Feel more confident about your health and where you go from here.

Exercise When it's Convenient For You

Accessible 24/7 from the comfort of home, or take us with you to the gym! Always ready when you are, wherever you want to be.

Connect With a Community

Join our community to hear first hand from others who have been where you are. Share your stories and learn from each other.

Home Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Get our qualified cardiac rehabilitation program in the comfort of your home.

Understand Your Medications

Understand what your medications do, why you are on them, and potential symptoms you may feel because of them.

Home Monitoring

We'll monitor your progress with journaling and weekly follow ups.

Access on Any Device, Anywhere at Anytime!

Don’t live near a Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic? Our program can be accessed on any device, at anytime, where there is an Internet connection.

Online Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic

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Sample Education Videos

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What is a Heart Attack?

What is an Angioplasty (stent)?

Sample Exercise Videos

Get access to these and many more videos when you become a Member!

Full Body Strength & Stretch

Chair Cardio

I had a triple bypass in 2000 and was diagnosed as pre-diabetic 2 years ago. I love having access to educational and exercise videos in my own house whenever it works for me!


Gilbert Plains, MB

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