Support For Your Health

For a healthy heart, mind & body.

Change Starts Now!

The purpose of the consultation is to give you the clarity, confidence and the action plan you need so that you can Take Action towards better health.

The road to improving your health starts here.

Should you choose to join a program - the consultation provides us with your complete health picture so that we can design a program specific to your needs.

What To Expect:

One hour - all about helping you.

1. Medical History

We will dive into the details of your health - giving you clarity so that you feel clear and confident with your starting point.

2. Strategies & Goals

We'll take your starting point and break down the best action steps for you to focus on to work towards your goals. Exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress - you'll get the best practical steps to take.

3. Action Plan

We'll take all those practical steps and put it together in an Action Plan so you have a guide to help you move forward.


Frequently Asked Questions:

No. We are focused on prevention too!

No. We will take care of all of that.

Unfortunately no it isn't.

Yes. Our programs are 100% individualized to your health history and goals. The information we gather during the consultation allows us to know exactly how to progress you forward safely and effectively to get you results. 

No. The consultation is done over the phone or on Zoom. So no driving, no need to go anywhere. You get to be at home - Pajamas optional! 

We can help you no matter where you live! No problem at all.

Ready to get started?

The cost of the consultation is $75.00 CAD.