Pulse Cardiac Health

Online Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic for the Prevention & Recovery of Cardiovascular Disease.

Delivered by qualified cardiac rehabilitation professionals.

Online Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic for the Prevention & Recovery of Cardiovascular Disease.

Pulse Cardiac Health

Delivered by qualified cardiac rehabilitation professionals.

How Can Our Online Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic Help You?

Gain Knowledge

Learn and understand about cardiac rehabilitation tests, procedures and risk factors. Be more informed when talking to your doctor about your health.

Cardiac Professional Support

Created and delivered by registered, working cardiac professionals who specialize in cardiac rehabilitation and prevention.

Take Control of Your Health

Feel more confident about your cardiac health and where you go from here.

Exercise When it's Convenient For You

Accessible 24/7 from the comfort of home, or take us with you to the gym! Always ready when you are, wherever you want to be.

Connect With a Community

Join our community to hear first hand from others who have been where you are. Share your stories and learn from each other.

Home Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Get our qualified cardiac rehabilitation program in the comfort of your home.

Understand Your Medications

Understand what your medications do, why you are on them, and potential symptoms you may feel because of them.

Home Monitoring

We monitor your progress with journaling and weekly follow-ups.

Cam and Shawna have been extremely kind and helpful with my Cardiac Diagnosis of ARVC and A Fib. They were even willing to telephone me in the evening and discuss my health concerns. I would highly recommend them if you have heart issues.


Shawna Cook is an excellent teacher and guide to physical fitness and health, especially for those of us with ongoing cardiac issues. I have found her Zoom exercise sessions to be both very useful and effective. As a bonus she makes exercise a lot of fun. Her Pulse Cardiac Health website also provides a lot of useful and interesting readings.


Shawna, we have a reason to get up and going on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We can move so much better. We feel you really care about us. The group is like one big family. When you added Tuesday and Thursday we noticed more improvement.
You exude kindness and compassion. You really know your stuff.

Reno & Margaret

The classes are fun and well paced, i like the length and variety, and the choices to attend Live class or a taped class, it gives a person flexibility when taking their virtual exercise classes

Plus enjoy doing the exercises in the comfort of my home.  But you still feel like part of a group at the Live Zoom classes.


I have been participating in exercise classes with Pulse Cardiac Care since March 2020.This is when the classes were offered free as a community Service to meet the needs of most at risk people.

The videos are easy to follow. Shawna's monthly email to check on your progress and status displays a supportive caring attitude .


“Shawna cares about her Pulse Cardiac “Family” and their health goals. I always look forward to attending the exercise classes as they are structured for the “mature crowd”. The old joints love it! I definitely would recommend the Pulse Cardiac program to others.”


Shawna, thank you for your dedication and positivity that you bring to our exercise classes. I am very impressed with the website that allows a member to have a session whenever we want. I’m fairly new, but very enthused.


Pulse Cardiac Health provides a variety of in person as well as video online classes covering cardio, strength and stretch. Shawna is the instructor and while encouraging you to work at a pace which is right for you, keeps the classes interactive and fun while injecting humour into the workout. I highly recommend you give her classes a try.

Keep up the good work Shawna.


The exercises are varied and adaptable. Anyone can join in and modify the program to fit their needs. You can get stronger and more flexible without having soreness and pain. Just what I was looking for!!


Pulse exercise is a great way to alleviate my morning grumpyness. I've found it to be a positive, cheerful, and heart healthy way to maintain my strength and movement after heart surgery.


Online Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic

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Our Live Group Zoom Exercise Classes are designed for older adults. We focus on improving strength, mobility, joint health, & balance. We offer both regular and chair classes, as well as classes to get your heart pumping just a little bit more. Join us for 1 month FREE and let's have some fun together! No credit card required to start.

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Online Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic

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I had a triple bypass in 2000 and was diagnosed as pre-diabetic 2 years ago. I love having access to educational and exercise videos in my own house whenever it works for me!


Gilbert Plains, MB

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