Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs

Delivered by Cardiac Health Professionals.


During this 1 hour appointment, we will discuss your health history, medications, risk factors, diet, as well as your current exercise tolerance. We will take our time to answer questions, and help you feel more comfortable with your current health concerns. From here we will develop an Action Plan to help you move forward!

$60 One Time

  • Review your medical history, risk factors, medications, diet and current exercise tolerance
  • Improve and manage your risk factors for heart disease
  • Create action plan to reduce cardiovascular risk. Includes strategies, exercise prescription & dietary guidelines
  • Review any questions or concerns you may have
  • Fee is waived if entering into a Rehabilitation Program

Access Pass Membership

The Access Pass Membership provides you with the full package of Pulse Cardiac Health Member Benefits. You will have the freedom to learn and exercise at your own pace, in your own home, 24/7. As a member you will automatically have a team of qualified professionals behind you and ready to help support you every step of the way.

$27 / Month

  • Member Benefits:

  • Access Pass – unlimited access to our entire library of education and exercise sessions. We currently have 80+ videos to choose from.
  • Zoom – enjoy our live group exercise classes designed to suit all fitness levels.
  • Monthly Follow-Up – as your success is our goal, our qualified health professionals will be in touch with you monthly to check in and review your progress.
  • Direct Access – members are encouraged to contact any one of our health experts at any point with questions, concerns, or if you just need a little advice.

Exercise Program Development

Need a little help with your Motivation to exercise? Want to know that what you are doing is right for you? This service will provide you with a detailed exercise program designed with your heart health, specific needs, and personal goals in mind.

$120 One Time

  • Ensure your exercise program is effective in reaching your specific health and fitness goals.
  • Your health history and any specific health needs will be the foundation of your program.
  • Programs designed to be safe for any pre-existing heart concerns.
  • Exercises tailored to your fitness level and the equipment you have available.
  • Take out the guess work. Improve your Motivation & Confidence by knowing exactly what to do.
  • Available in Print Version or to Follow Online

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

This is our comprehensive structured 12 week home cardiac rehabilitation program. It provides individualized monitoring, education and exercise support to help you on your road to recovery.

$400 One Time

  • Initial Cardiac Health Consultation included
  • Structured 12 week Cardiac Rehabilitation Program
  • 3x per week education and exercise sessions
  • Individualized education modules specific to patient health history
  • Exercise prescription tailored to patient condition and improvement
  • Bi-weekly Nurse/Physiologist follow up to review progress
  • Discharge interview at 12 weeks
  • Discharge summary report provided to patient, General Practitioner and Cardiologist with entry and exit comparison results
  • Post program follow up at 4, 5, 6 & 12 months
  • 3 Months of Access Pass Upon Program Completion

All prices are in Canadian Dollars

Both Cam and Shawna are highly educated and trained professionals with a genuine interest in helping people. The programming and information they are providing through Pulse Cardiac Health is a great resource for people with cardiovascular disease.


Registered Cardiac Nurse