Join us!! Let's have some fun together. 

Do you want to improve your strength and feel more agile so you can do the activities you love?

Do you have joint aches and pains that you would love to get feeling better?

Do you like the accountability of having a structured time to do your exercises and an instructor to follow?

Then you are in the RIGHT place!

This is a full body strength & mobility exercise class designed for all levels! All you need for equipment is an exercise band.

Each class is approximately 40 - 45 mins in length.

Although we cover the full body, each class will have a focus of a particular joint we want to pay a little more attention to.  (Shoulders, Knees, Hips, or Back)

Zoom Class Schedule: Class times are in PST.  

Monday's 9am - Standing Strength & Stretch

Tuesday's 5pm - Seated Strength & Stretch

Wednesday's 9am - Cardio & Flow

Thursday's 5pm - Standing Strength & Stretch

Friday's 9am - Seated Strength & Stretch.

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