Improve Your Heart Health

It's Time For Change

Choose from a variety of workouts, heart healthy recipes, and expert articles, for a whole mind and body approach to preventing and recovering from cardiovascular disease.

Change Starts With You

Do you want to improve your mental & physical health, your quality of life, gain peace of mind, and take back control of your health? Then it’s time to take action. It’s time for change.

Pulse Fitness

Pulse Fitness

Workouts designed with your heart and overall health in mind.

pulse nutrition

Pulse Nutrition

Improve your heart health, and reach your healthy weight goals. 

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Pulse Mindset

Mind-health challenges and lessons so that your mind works with you!

pulse education

Pulse Education

Knowledge is power. Courses, lectures, we've got everything heart health.

Change isn't easy.
We're here to help.

Our mission is to improve heart health - one heart at a time - including yours!

As a cardiac nurse & clinical exercise physiologist - we have helped many people just like you become stronger, happier & healthier so that you can thrive in the life you want.


Pulse Community

Learn. Share. Support.

Being lifted and inspired by others just like you in an empowering community is your perfect boost towards positive health change.

It's through the story of others we learn we are not alone. We gain a new perspective about what is actually possible and that together - we can overcome any obstacle.

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Which option suits you best?

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Pulse Membership

Our Membership offers 24/7 access to hundreds of workouts, healthy recipes, educational content, and the support of your fellow members to keep you going.

This is our self - directed option, meaning you are in the driver's seat.

While we are here for you to reach out to if you need us - you are in full control to decide what content to explore based on what suits you best.

This option is best for those that feel confident in managing their health independently and are ready to take action and get to work!

Pulse Programs

Our evidence based programs offer the direction and accountability you need to succeed.

With one on one professional guidance to support the exercise, nutrition, and the healthy - long term - behavior changes that will be fundamental to improving your health.

Any current heart or other health conditions you may have are top of mind as we design a program specifically for you.

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What Our Members Say

Shawna, thank you for your dedication and positivity that you bring to our exercise classes. I am very impressed with the website that allows a member to have a session whenever we want. I’m fairly new, but very enthused.


The classes are fun and well paced, I like the length and variety, and the choices to attend live class or a taped class, it gives a person flexibility when taking their virtual exercise classes.


Cam and Shawna have been extremely kind and helpful with my Cardiac Diagnosis of ARVC and A Fib. They were even willing to telephone me in the evening and discuss my health concerns. I would highly recommend them if you have heart issues.