Health Talks Live!

Understanding Heart Valves

If you want to learn about valves – this is a great talk for you. Cam is going to take you through the “open & close case” (haha) of heart valves. Get it – open and close – like what valves are supposed to do. Cam thought it was funny. Haha! Enjoy the presentation!

Understanding Behaviour Change

Understanding Behaviour Change

To improve our health requires we change our behaviours. Listen in as we talk about this fundamental topic.

Mental Health & Cardiovascular Disease

Mental Health & Cardiovascular Disease

Mental Health is an important topic to discuss when we talk about cardiovascular disease. How are the two connected? Listen in as Cam talks about it.

Common Cardiac Tests

Common Cardiac Tests

Have you ever been sent for a test but really have no idea why? Listen in as Cam talks you through it.

Chelation Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease

Chelation Therapy has been (and is currently being) researched to look at the potential benefits of it being a complimentary treatment for heart disease. Let’s talk about it.

Common Causes of Chest Pain

Let’s talk about the various causes of chest pain. It’s not always the heart!

Getting to know Diabetes

Join us as we go through the basics of Diabetes!

Heart Function Part 2 – The Tale of a Stiff Heart

In Part 2 of our heart function talk, we will discuss the impacts of a stiff heart.

Post Heart Function – Part 1

Let’s talk about Heart Function. What it is and how it is treated. PART 1

Heart Health Live - Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea

Are you tired all the time? Let’s learn about Sleep apnea and how it is connected to cardiovascular disease.