Partners in the Pivot

Technology for wellness and connectedness in a post-COVID world

If you’ve participated in one of our Zoom classes, or enjoyed our exercise & education video library, you’re part of a growing group that has taken to technology to continue on our wellness journey as we work to flatten the curve. All across the world, doctors, physiotherapists, trainers and mental health professionals are turning to technology to care for our patients and clients in a safe manner.

A study by Valtorta & colleagues ( 2015) , indicated that deficiencies in social relationships are associated with an increased risk of developing Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke, giving us an even bigger reason to stay connected.

While social media is nothing new, we may search for a deeper connectedness and greater engagement to improve both our health and mental wellness outcomes.               We’ve taken a moment to round up some of our favourite ways to stay on track and in touch:

  • ENGAGE: Susan Holtzman, associate psychology professor at UBCO, states that those who interact with others on social media through posts, chats and comments tend to have better mental health outcomes than those who “creep”, or simply scroll without engaging (guilty as charged!) Perhaps look to join our Pulse Cardiac Health Facebook Support Group and look to engage in discussion.
  • ZOOM: Have some well-deserved facetime with family and friends, host a virtual dinner party, watch a movie together, or share your favourite workout movement or class with loved ones. Pulse Cardiac Health hosts workout classes every week, and even while distanced, group exercise and having someone hold you accountable is a proven way to stay on track. Simply send an email to [email protected] to register!
  • GET COMPETITIVE: already in possession of a fitness tracker (apple watch, fitbit, etc)? Using the sharing option to share activity goals with friends and family ( click here for an apple watch tutorial, and here for a fitbit tutorial on sharing) and watch how everyone will get into competing to hit their activity and step goals.
  • TRY SOMETHING NEW: Whether it be trying a new workout within the exercise library, or taking up a hobby, dive into a new interest and you may find a whole community will find you ( did any one else start lockdown with one indoor plant, only to have your home turn into a jungle? Just me?) Hobbies, music, and other stress relieving activities will contribute to both your mental and physical health for years to come.

Have suggestions for another activity to get active and stay connected virtually? We’d love to hear it in the comments below.

Feeling more down than usual? Do not hesitate to talk to your health care provider or head to

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