Heart Health

Sudden Cardiac Arrest & CPR

The terms heart attack and cardiac arrest are often used interchangeably to describe the same medical condition. They are in fact, not the same thing. Let’s break this down. Cardiac arrest is defined as a situation where the heart suddenly stops pumping blood due to an irregular heart rhythm. A heart attack happens when blood…

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Meal Planning & Prep!

Meal Planning & Prep! How many of you struggle with getting on track and staying on track with your healthy eating. Doing some planning and prepping up front can mean the difference between a healthy meal, or Pizza Delivery! Here are a few tips on getting it done!

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The Common Causes of Chest Pain

The Common Causes of Chest Pain Hello all! In our live presentation for our membership for this month, Cam presented on The Common Causes of Chest Pain. This is one of the more common themes we address within cardiac rehabilitation. For people with heart concerns, it makes sense that you become a little more aware…

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