Heart Health and Your Mind – Why It’s So Important

As you may have heard.. For the entire month of January .. we will be focusing on the brain.. Your mindset. WHY?? Why is that so important?

Every single thought, feeling, and ACTION you take … all starts in the mind. There isn’t a single thing that you do, choice that you make, emotion that you feel, or action that you take that doesn’t start with a thought. How you interpret that thought determines how you feel. The combination of how you think & feel determines your choices, your behaviors, and your actions. Therefore.. If our mind ultimately determines our choices & actions.. Then to work towards improving our heart health, overall health, and how we feel about our future.. Must start with the mind!

There is no way to separate your physical and mental health. We know this from experience in our own lives. You perhaps have had some health concerns in the past, or are dealing with them now. You know that when you physically don’t feel well.. It can be draining mentally & emotionally as well. We as humans have also experienced feeling stress, sadness or times of depression, and frustration in life… and so you know that when you are struggling mentally your physical energy and stamina go down as well. You are more prone to illness and fatigue. The two (mental & physical health) go hand in hand.

By starting with the mind and working toward re-setting HOW we think, HOW we interpret the thoughts that float in and out, and working towards changing the pattern and tone of WHAT we think, we can directly impact our emotions, and ultimately our behaviors and actions. We can begin to shift our actions towards taking and maintaining steps that will improve our health.. Both mentally & physically.

As you may have experienced for yourself. After having a health scare, or having any sort of health concern.. Feelings of anxiety, unsteadiness, and vulnerability begin to emerge. Sometimes these feelings are so strong that you become overwhelmed by them, perhaps directly impacting you.. as a person. How you feel about yourself. How you feel others perceive you. You may begin to doubt your capabilities, which then in turn… shifts your outlook on your future. It is a lot to process.. And understandably so!

By taking time right now.. to begin setting a solid foundation – which is your mind, we can tackle those thoughts, doubts, and other unsettling feelings. We can begin to clear a path towards bringing in more optimism, a sense of control of your health, peace of mind, and even excitement about your future! This is all so that you can shift the momentum in a positive direction and build new habits, thought patterns, and make a positive life change!

Let’s talk about obstacles.. Life is full of them.. And there is no way to avoid them all. Life is full of things we cannot predict or control. One of the main reasons for needing a solid “mind” foundation is it allows us to better cope, interpret, and react to those inevitable obstacles. If we are better able to stay on track, keep the focus on the action steps that will keep us moving forward, pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off, then we are more likely to reach our health & life goals.

Working on your mind.. Is not a “set it and forget it” thing. It takes time and continual practice. We will get better in time, we will see how things that used to bother us don’t impact us as much anymore, we will see how our physical & mental habits have changed.. But it takes consistent work, patience, and practice.

So this month I hope you will join me as we work to set our foundation. It will be something we work on continuously throughout the year ahead.. But this will give us a great launching point!

If you haven’t joined us already.. I hope you will find us in our Living Heart Healthy Community on Facebook. It is a great way to connect directly with me, as well as a fantastic group of people all striving for better health.

Here is the link to our group.. Hope to see you there! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1593882627418122

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Shawna Cook

Shawna is a Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine, who has been working in Cardiac Rehabilitation for over 10 years. Her years in the health and fitness field however have spanned over the past 2+ decades. As an elite level athlete she fell in love with understanding the human body, and how the choices she made, affected how it performed. This led to a degree from the University of Winnipeg in the stream of Athletic Therapy, and the passion towards helping others recover from injury and "be their best selves" grew.