TAVI…The (Less Invasive) New Kid on the Block

By Shawna Cook / January 10, 2020

If your Aortic Valve is no longer working the way it is supposed to, you may need to have it replaced. The Aortic Valve is the one-way valve between the Left Ventricle, which is the largest pumping chamber of the heart, and the Aorta, which is the “stump” of the vascular “tree” that delivers oxygen…

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Sternal Precautions following Open Heart Surgery

By Shawna Cook / March 26, 2019

Have you had open heart surgery? Here are some things you need to know as you begin your recovery process. Many of you will have been given information from the hospital or your doctor after you were discharged from hospital. Commonly this advice tells you not to lift anything more than 5 pounds, and restricts you…

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Strength Train For Your Heart Health

By Shawna Cook / February 26, 2019

Did you know that after the age of 40 you begin to lose 3%-8% of your muscle mass per decade, and after the age of 70 this muscle mass loss increases to 15% per decade? This loss of muscle mass is the fundamental cause of falls, and disability in older people. As we lose muscle mass we…

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Exercising With Heart Pain

By Shawna Cook / February 19, 2019

If there is plaque building up in the walls of the heart arteries (coronary arteries), they start to get narrow in that area. This means that the amount of blood trying to flow past that area is reduced compared an artery that is clean and clear. These coronary arteries are what deliver oxygen carrying blood to the…

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Heart Healthy Changes to Canada’s Food Guide

By Shawna Cook / January 30, 2019

Canada’s Food Guide has gone through an overhaul, and the result has some great new recommendations to help keep Canadian Hearts Healthy! What’s different: There has been a shift from the four food groups we are used to with recommended servings in each, to a more simple “pattern of eating” approach. The food guide recommends filling…

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Heart Healthy Eating: Making Nutrition Goals Stick

By Shawna Cook / January 3, 2019

Hello Pulse Cardiac Health Family!! Many of you are looking to start fresh, with a renewed sense of motivation to get a few things back on track. One of the most popular focus points is diet. Many are looking to shed some of the weight from special treats you’ve been eating, and just overall looking…

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Heart Wise Holiday Tips

By Shawna Cook / December 4, 2018

Happy December to all! For many, December marks the official launch of the holiday season. The sights & sounds of the season are in full force, along with a myriad of seasonal festivities. Holiday parties, family gatherings, and potentially even some well-deserved vacation time are upon us. With all of these events filling our calendar…

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Targeting Belly Fat and Preventing Heart Disease

By Shawna Cook / October 1, 2018

Increased body weight is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. It increases your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, not to mention its impact on your daily life! The main measure used in determining your body weight risk is your waist circumference, which gives us a measure of the largest part of your…

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How to Prevent Falls by Improving Your Balance

By Shawna Cook / September 23, 2018

As we start to inch our way closer to winter and that four letter “snow” word, we start to think about the ice and uneven ground that comes along with it. Falling rates increase substantially during the winter months. Which lead to potential broken bones, and more specifically hip fractures. In cardiac rehabilitation, and those…

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Exercise and smoky skies! Yes it impacts your heart!!

By Shawna Cook / August 19, 2018

With much of Canada on fire, many of us are struggling with how to cope with the significant change in our air quality. Our lungs, eyes, & throat are all taking a beating just maintaining our daily routines in these smoky conditions. Our hearts however, can also be impacted. The smoke in the air right…

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